Upload Image via HTTP Post

I need to save an image in the bank, the image even without being the code. I’m trying with AJAX and jQuery but it does not send the image and it does not display an error. Only return the server is OK.

Function that captures the image:

TirarAnexo() {
        let cameraOptions = {
          sourceType: this.camera.PictureSourceType.PHOTOLIBRARY,
          destinationType: this.camera.DestinationType.FILE_URI,
          quality: 100,
          targetWidth: 1000,
          targetHeight: 1000,
          encodingType: this.camera.EncodingType.JPEG,
          correctOrientation: true
          .then(file_uri =>
            this.img = file_uri,
            err => console.log(err));

Function that sends attachment does not work:

  var _data = new FormData();
                var files = this.img;
                if (files.length > 0) {
                  _data.append("fileAnexo", files[0]);
                  _data.append("contemArq", "S");
                } else {
                  _data.append("contemArq", "N");
                _data.append("id", $("#lblIDDespesaAnexo").text());
                let h = new Headers();
                h.append('Content-Type', 'application/json; charset=UTF-8');
                h.append('Authorization', 'bearer ' + this.global.tokenGlobal);
                let op = new RequestOptions({ headers: h });
                var ajaxRequest = $.ajax({
                  type: "POST",
                  url: 'http://xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx/api/v1/cadastros/despesa/anexo',
                  headers: op,
                  contentType: false,
                  processData: false,
                  data: _data
                ajaxRequest.done(function (xhr, textStatus) {
                  this.retornoAnexo(xhr + " /// " + textStatus);