Upload image to firebase (cloud firestore) storage

This tutorial seems to be the most recent photo upload implementation and is consistent
with a couple others that I’ve found: https://aaronczichon.de/2017/04/18/ionic-firebase-storage/
In my app, when I click the button that calls my upload function, it successfully brings up the camera and allows me to hit “use” on iPhone after taking a picture, but then the photo doesn’t upload to firebase storage. Relevant files are:



My firebase storage permissions allow read and write for anyone so I don’t think that is the issue. Also, the toast message that shows an error in line 118 does not show up when attempting to upload. Any help would be great, thanks!

@lhimelman Hey, I’ve been struggling with this same issue, I was finally able to get the upload to go. Granted I put the image on the root and will work on putting it in a sub folder. But if you are still working on this issue. I removed ‘data_url’ from…

return imageRef.putString(image, ‘data_url’);

and just have…

return imageRef.putString(image);

Successfully uploaded. I hope this helps.