Upgrading project's Cordova version


I’ve created a new project, when I run inside the project’s root dir:

> cordova --version

After a while I’ve upgraded Corodova to a new version 3.5.
I’ve created a new Ionic project, and when I run in the new project “cordova --version” the version is 3.5
Yet, when I run the command again in my older project - the version of Cordova is still 3.4.

How do I upgrade the Cordova version of an older Ionic project ?

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Just found the solution, stupid probably :smiley:

I need to run:

$ cd $project1
$ sudo npm update -g cordova
$ cordova platform update android
$ cordova platform update ios

$ cordova --version

IN EVERY Ionic project I have …
I thought when I run this once in a generic directory, I thought Cordova on my entire server has changed - and I just need to upgrade this specific Ionic project to use it …

Was wrong.