Upgrading from Ionic 3 Angular to Vue JS and Ionic 6 ionic/storage package

Dear Ionic users,

I have currently a problem i have create a new version of the APP in VUE JS because the old one was created in Angular. I could copy a lot of settings the APP is usign the same android signing key and the same app name nl.actio.app. Now i have a problem with the ionic storage package we always used this one for angular where we stored data like API tokens etc for te APP. But when using this package voor Vue JS and testing the update of the APP we don’t get the existing storage item from the previous Angular APP. I cant make it that a few hundred users have to reregister for a new token and want to use the existing data.

Any change someone got tips or also had this problem with upgrading en storage?

Kind regards,

Niek Vaanholt


there are a number of posts here on the forum related to new versions of capacitor storage - going from 2 to 3 or to 4. Not able to point them directly, but this seems very related and there are solutions posted.

Will this work for you now?