Upgraded to 0.9.20, ui-view route not working


I’m completely stumped. In the process of moving to 0.9.20, I cleaned my working copy and my ui-view that previously worked is no longer populating, which leads me to believe it’s actually been broken since sometime when I was using 0.9.19 but I didn’t know it. :smile:

I’ve tried making a plunkr with a minimal case, and I can’t reproduce the problem. The app is here: http://ranger.befunk.com/temp/cruisemonkey/#/deck-plans/

Any ideas what I can do to debug this?


Hi @RangerRick, you should use nav-view instead of ui-view.
Check this guide :slight_smile:


Hm, no luck, changing to nav-view didn’t help.


AHA! Turns out the problem was… drumroll having a <content> tag around the <nav-view>. sigh


Glad you figured it out. We’ll take the blame on this as we’re going to be heavily reworking the docs so they’re easier to understand.