Upgrade to Developer then Downgrade

Hey guys,

First time posting to this forum so if I’m posting in the wrong place just let me know.

I’ve just started using Ionic and am pretty impressed. So easy to setup and get going which is awesome! After creating a free account I realized I’d need to upgrade to a Developer account as I’m needing the Packaging functionality for IOS Applications.

My question is I won’t be needing to use a Dev account once the app is complete. Am I able to downgrade and then upgrade again if later dev is needed? So wanting to know if I’ll lose my project when I downgrade or will it just be disabled and when I upgrade again it will just get re-enabled?

This is quite a big thing for me as I don’t want to be paying for a Dev account when I’m not using it but want the ability to downgrade and then upgrade when need be.

Anyone know what happens when you do that?