Updating "ion-select" in beta 7/8

Hello there.
I’ve got an issue with Select component after updating from beta6 to beta7. Seems like it doesn’t update with a new data.

I’m using ng2-translate and that’s how my code looks like:

  <ion-option value="pills">{{"pill" | translate}}</ion-option>
  <ion-option value="tablet">{{"tablet" | translate}}</ion-option>

So I have blank field on page load:


A normal item appears only if I insert static text at .
When I click, I see a normal list of items, and if I select an item, select components become normal:


I specially downgraded to beta6 and there is no this issue.

So it’s bug or I miss anything?

would you be able to create a isolated demo that I could test out?
It’s kind of hard to figure out what the issue is without having some code.

sorry for making you wait.
here it is.

there is no any changes in beta 9-10.

upd: sorry, I’ve forgot save changes. now fixed.

any news about this problem?