Updated to Beta 7 - Getting Duplicate Identifier Errors from Typescript

I have a working Beta 3 Ionic2 app. To update to Beta 7, I created a new Ionic2 app and copied my pages in from my previous app. I then made sure to go through the guide for upgrading from GitHub. When it compiles now, it is throwing:

TypeScript error: c:/Users/Cindy/Documents/Ionic2/forecast/node_modules/rxjs/add/operator/mergemap.d.ts(4,9): Error TS2300: Duplicate identifier ‘flatMap’.
TypeScript error: c:/Users/Cindy/Documents/Ionic2/forecast/node_modules/rxjs/add/operator/mergemap.d.ts(5,9): Error TS2300: Duplicate identifier ‘mergeMap’.

I haven’t been able to find much help on this and I am a novice Typescript and Rxjs user so I’m lost.

Any ideas?

I just removed my import of RXJS mergeMap and now it seems to be working fine. Did they automatically include RXJS now so there is no longer need to do those imports? I couldn’t find this change in the changelog so I am just confirming that there isn’t something else I did that caused this.