Updated Firebase 4.8.1 breaks build

The Firebase JavaScript SDK updated to a new version (4.8.1) yesterday, and since then I’ve had build errors when pushing to Ionic, and a ton of the same error: Cannot find namespace ‘firebase’. In their release notes, Firebase states that the update includes an internal typings refactor. Could that update affect Ionic to the point where it cannot build, and is anyone else having this problem?

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Don’t push latest Firebase. Use whichever version is packaged with the most recent AngularFire2 in the AF2 changelog.

The problem started happening before I changed anything related to firebase, and then once everything broke, i ran npm update to get the latest firebase version (because I assumed the new release on their end was causing problems with ionic) but that didn’t help

I was getting the same errors and removed them by rolling back firebase from version 4.8.1 to 4.6. Try: npm install --save firebase@4.6.2 in CLI. Hope this helps