Updated both cli/lib (1.3.16 and rc 1) and can't scroll anymore

i know there are scrolling issues, but i have had no luck applying any of the ‘fixes’ as of yet.

i also attempted the suggested fix given in the ionic serve console, but had no luck:

37    800410   warn     Delegate for handle "userMessageScroll" could not find a corresponding element with delegate-handle="userMessageScroll"! scrollBottom() was not called!
Possible cause: If you are calling scrollBottom() immediately, and your element with delegate-handle="userMessageScroll" is a child of your controller, then your element may not be compiled yet. Put a $timeout around your call to scrollBottom() and try again.

so from here, i reverted my lib back to beta 13, but still have cli 1.3.16 and my content is still not scrolling for some reason, completely baffled here.