Update slider array to reflect change

I struggled with slider whole day yesterday. In my app, on one page I get all the data from database as array of images and some text data for the image. I save this in cache service. I use this on next details page to render slides of images and text data.

The problem is that when I edit this data on details page, the edit is seen on the current slide but is lost as I move to next slide.

I wonder if there is something specific to slider that I need to do. I used update method also but the the main object behaves like non mutable.


Are you updating the slider delegate


Also include $ionicSlideBoxDelegate in your controller.


Yes, I am but its not working. And, yes I did indeed include $ionicSlideBoxDelegate in controller.

Can you provide a codepen or demo? It’s kind of hard to find the issue with out it

Thanks for your reply. I decided to change the UI to other pattern as it was getting too complicated to be able to edit and heavy too. Thanks for offering to help.