Update Parent Tabs on child page exit

Hi All

How do you go about updating the parent tab page when you close or pop a child page.
An example, I have a tabs page ( addresses) I can add new addresses within this tab but the parent tab page ( addresses ) is not refreshing when I navigate away from (Add Address Page).

The only time where it refreshes is if I navigate to another tab (e.g. Home ) then go back to (Addresses Tab) then it refreshes the list.


The Angular way is to use Observables in a Service.

Truckload of suggestions/examples here, almost on a daily basis.

But not sure what you are using?

I’m using angular, thanks i will check search for it

This is the classic solution, BehaviorSubject Observables etc…

Check also Angular Service architecture in the Tour of Heroes @ angular.io

If that is new for you too.