Update content based on side menu ionic 4

hi every one, i have sideMenu where i have list of items inside when user click on item one it suppose to open home page with item details the problem is ex: when user click on item 5 then swap to item 1 (user can navigate between them) then click on sideMenu on item 5 it not backing to it , it doesn’t call home page again i don’t know why. anyone can help?

I’m not sure what you mean by “doesn’t call home page”, but if you’re speaking of lifecycle events, then while you wait for better answers let me try to convince you that they’re a bad way to manage data flow.

i have menu then inside home page i have ion-slides when i click on one of the menu the content should open this option, the user can open the option then swap to another option when the user click on the option that chose from the menu it didn’t open it again