Unzip plugin for windows 10 Ionic application

I’m using the file, file-transfer and zip plugin to download a zip file and try to unzip it. The download works and the file ends up here:


And also here


Now I try to unzip the file:

zip.unzip(zipurl, folder.nativeURL, function (code) {
   console.log(code + " Files updated");
   typeof that.success === 'function' && that.success();

But the code returned is always -1. Indicaticating it was not succesfull. How can I create/write files via the file/zip plugin and where should they go?

My local C:// Drive?

It’s not very well documented…Thanks in advance.

Anybody any suggestions? There is no documentation so far I can see

Same problem here. You solve it?

Works fine in Android and iOS, but on Windows 10 nothing.

Nope I figured out there is no Windows 10 support. The unzip plugin only has (last checked few months ago) Android and iOS support.

You’ll have to update the unzip plugin with a custom windows C# component. I tried doing this myself but it didn’t’ really work. I have a working C# Visual Studio application that could unzip for me. Exported it to the unzip plugin successfully, But calling it from javascript was a hassle.

I ended up downloading 4000 images with 4000 calls instead of a zip file. Which turned out to work fine for me.

We are going to show you how you can unzip a file in Windows and Linux operating system go here to know more

This link is broken and insecure :frowning: