Unwanted second delayed (ghost) click after click in sidemenu

Hi All,
I have this strange behaviour using the sidemenu. When I open the menu and select a menubutton a new view is loaded and the sidemenu is closed. So far so good. When the newly loaded view has an inputfield at the same height of the clicked menubutton it gets the focus and the keyboard is shown. This unwanted behaviour looks like there is a second delayed click on the same spot.

Hope somebody can help me out. Ive tried modifying the way the view gets animated and also tried keyboard configurations.

Maybe it got something to do with ionic removing the 300ms click delay?

I’m using the app on an iphone 6s with latest ionic.

Thank you very much!

Gr dennis

Struggled with a similar issue, I’ve got an input at the top of my side menu and on iOS when tapping on the menu-toggle the tap leaks into the menu and focuses the input (which brings up the keyboard)

My workaround was to set a ng-disabled=“input_disabled” attribute on the input then set a watch on $ionicSideMenuDelegate.isOpen() and then when true setting input_disabled to false with a 350ms timeout (less than that and the tap event would still be caught by the input)

Hope this helps!