Unsubscribe Events in app.component.ts

I am having troubles with unsubscribing Events in app.component.ts after closing the app.
In the constructor of app.component I subscribe to some Events like changing the current Page. If the User closes the app I want to unsubscribe to all Events to avoid memory leaks.

I already tried to handle this through the ionic lifecycle Events, but none of them fires after closing the app.
Any idea I handle this?

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Does anyone have an answer?

Use OnDestroy:

import { OnInit, OnDestroy } from '@angular/core';

export class AppComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy {


  public ngOnInit() {

    this.logger.info('AppComponent: ngOnInit()');

    // subscribe to things

  public ngOnDestroy() {

    this.logger.info('AppComponent: ngOnDestroy()');

    // unsubscribe from things

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Is it possible to unsubscribe from all events at once
Or should it be for each event specifically?

Yes, that’s my understanding.

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