Unknown provider: $cordovaBarcodeScannerProvider

Hi all,

I am new in qr code scanner, i dont know much about this.

When i am trying to add this it shows me: Unknown provider: $cordovaBarcodeScannerProvider
there is a solution on forum but for me its not working.

I am stuck in the middle of this,Please help me on this


is this Ionic 1? if yes please refer to this link http://ngcordova.com/docs/plugins/barcodeScanner. You need to inject the BarcodeScanner in the controller I think…

i did it already but still it gives me error
i am using the example from forum to test it if it is works but no success.
.controller(‘ChatsCtrl’, function($scope, Chats,$cordovaBarcodeScanner) {

document.addEventListener(“deviceready”, function () {
$scope.scanNow = function(){
.then(function(barcodeData) {
// Success! Barcode data is here
}, function(error) {
// An error occurred


}, false);

have you added ngCordova to you app??.. And by the way you must test it in a real device to see if it works…

Yes i already tested, when i run the application on device it hangs on that specific page.
i just create a tab application.
installed this plugin.
write a code in controller thats it.

After googling it i found that i need to install ngCordova i did it.

but i am confusing where should i mention this ?
index.html ? app.js ? controller.js ?
i linked the ngCordova.js in index file and defined the ngCordova on controller.js on top.
But this gives me another error failed to initiate something like cannot find the module.


check this out. The top comment says how to install ngCordova to your app https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30773320/bar-code-scanner-using-ionic-framework, another one is this http://ngcordova.com/docs/install/

Thanks Anica, i was linking wrong :smile:

Thanks man, much appreciated

I am glad you solved it, Happy coding…