Unknown HTML tag ion-header

Hi, I wanted to create a new HTML tag using the Ionic toolbar: https://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/components/#toolbar-buttons. When I copy and pasted the code into my IDE, it did not recognize most of the code:

Could you help?

Any tags are custom tags that is not an official HTML. Angular allows us to extend the markup for custom tags like this, so that is how they exist. You might see if there is an extension that supports the ionic markup for your IDE. VS Code has Ionic support built in. Brackets and Atom have plugins for Ionic 1 (I wrote them).

Or, you just have to ignore it and keep coding away.

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Hey Chris, thanks so much. That is awesome that you wrote the plugs for Atom. For Atom, where would I download the plugins? Is it easy to upload an existing project into Atom?

Also, does Atom have an Emulator built in by chance? Sorry, I am newer to everything.


Autocomplete is here https://atom.io/packages/autocomplete-ionic-framework and “emulator” (ionic serve in atom) is here https://atom.io/packages/ionic-atom.

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Thank you so much, Sujan and Chris!