Unique device id android


Hi, in my app, iam using android uuid for licensing, and i get it via device plugin. Is this Id reliable, or it can change? There are some mixed answers on this topic, so i would like to clarify this. Ir is there any other plugin, that i can use for getting really unique id device id, that doesnt change?


Hi @Vartex05 :wave:

My general understanding is that UUIDs stay the same as long as long as you keep the same app installation. If you uninstall and reinstall the app, you may get a different UUID to prevent tracking. Also, the UUID returned by the OS may be different between apps to prevent cross-tracking.



so it changes when i unistall app and install it again? Thats kind a weird.I need some unique device id thats always the same. Exists something like that?


Not that I know of… I know that iOS is stricter about these IDs, so maybe you can get a more permanent ID on Android. Or maybe you have to use the license management APIs in Android to control this (I remember them having something like this, but I’m not sure).