Unhandled Promise Rejection - Stack Trace is not useful

Hi there!

I’m wondering if I’m doing smg wrong, because I could not find anything on the web about how to extract useful info from promise rejection stack traces.

Mine looks like this:

Error: Uncaught (in promise): undefined
    at c (http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:19752)
    at c (http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:19461)
    at http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:20233
    at t.invokeTask (http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:15660)
    at Object.onInvokeTask (http://localhost:8100/build/vendor.js:4973:33)
    at t.invokeTask (http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:15581)
    at r.runTask (http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:10834)
    at o (http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:7894)
    at e.invokeTask [as invoke] (http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:3:16823)
    at p (http://localhost:8100/build/polyfills.js:2:27648)

No clue at all where the problem happened.

I already tried to use an own ErrorHandler in place of the default IonicErrorHandler, so I can stop the execution with a breakpoint when an Unhandled Promise Rejcetion occurs, but still there is no info there either.

Is there a way to trace where the error happened?

Thank you and regards,
Norbert Virth

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