Uncaught ReferenceError: addRow is not defined

Hi all,

I am developing an app which use side menu template. Two of app screens are triggered from sidemenu -> list -> detail -> problem screen . The screen cannot be loaded and throws following errors (in screen capture) when running on android emulator or physical phone. It runs well on desktop chrome browser.

We need some more info:
Where do you define your addRow function.
Is the module that provides this function already loaded or is the function globally defined?

A codepen or something like that would be fine.

Greetz, bengtler

The addRow() function is not defined by me.
It seems these coding are injected when running on Android/Emulator.
The above screen is captured by using Chrome remote debugging.

OK… My problem is fixed. The problem is due to the link (href) with prefix “/#/xxxx” rather than “#/xxxx” …


I owe you a beer! Thanks for following up.

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Thank you for coming back after you fixed it! I had the same issue!

+1 Beer! Thank you!!

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+1 Beer! Let’s get this guy wasted!

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Oh yeah that’s a beer alright!!! Send your Paypal info!