Uncaught Error: Can't resolve all parameters for ProductosPage: ([object Object], [object Object], ?)

Hi everyone
I have an object array which have been charge in an service array. Then, I have a second ts that get those items which are in the service array, but the following error is displayed.

this is my service:
Captura de pantalla_2017-10-29_13-08-42

my ts page and html

Captura de pantalla_2017-10-29_13-11-58

Check you have added the provider to the providers array in app.module.ts file.

Hi Jorge,
The provider is added in app.module.ts file.
Thank you.
I am going to upload to github, as soon as it is in github I will write you.

this is the page where you can download and try it.
Thank you again for helping me


I had a look at your code and I found that you are using AlertController and ModalController from providers (CarritoCompraProvider, UsuarioProvider) and that is wrong in my opinion…
You should use providers to comunicate backend/store data/share data, but not to interact with the user directly I think.
You should move the alert/modal related code to the respective page.ts where you want user interaction while maintaining the data on the provider along with the method to add/store …

You can take a look at the conference app from Ionic, it`s great to learn, or maybe the super starter template that it´s very good too: https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-starter-super/blob/master/README.md

Hi Jorge…
I tried to do what you said in the previous message. I mean, not to suse AlertController neather ModalControler, but the error persit.
Thank you