Unable to use $toolbar-md-height in ionic 2

Hi there!

I am trying to leverage the $toolbar-md-height variable in the style for my app, and during SASS compilation, I get an error saying:

Error: Undefined variable: "$toolbar-md-height".
        on line 23 of app/theme/app.myapp.scss
>>     height: $toolbar-md-height;

The documentation suggests that this is a usable and overridable variable, so I’m not sure why I can’t access it. I am using it like this:

@import 'globals.core';

.footer-button {
   height: $toolbar-md-height;

Granted this isn’t a real-world example, but in general, can I not use ionic sass variables in my own stylesheet?

I have the same exact issue: How to call Ionic sass variables in Page's scss?

The Doc suggests you overide platform specific variables in your app..scss file. But since that file loads your app.core.scss, which loads your page classes (provided you’ve added them), the variables should be accessible. But its not. At least for me.