Unable to use class variable for map

I have created class level variable “properties” which i tried to populated in ionViewWillEnter, ionViewDidEnter and componentWIllReceiveProps through API call and assign the value with usage of spread operator like this.properties = service.response. I also inserted a console.log(properties) in the render. What i can see is that for former two the render seems to be called first, then api update for the later, the api is called but the value is not set.
Hence nothing is rendered.

What can be the issue?

Personally, I find prose descriptions of JavaScript really hard to read, so frankly I don’t have much of an idea what you’re talking about. That being said, every property you reference in a template must be initialized to at least a sane dummy value. The best place to do this is immediately at the point of declaration. In some cases, this is not possible, for example because some injected service is needed. In those situations, do it in the constructor. Not in any lifecycle handler.

You can try this procedure in the ngAfterViewInit () method