Unable to update the user profile values with PUT method

I am creating a user profile page where user can edit their information, i am able to fetch the values from api but i am unable to update them. Below is the code i am implementing for updating, check it out and tell me whether i am doing it right or not.

$scope.update = function(user){
    if($localStorage.hasOwnProperty("accessToken") === true) {
        var requestContent = $.param({
            email: user.email,
            password: user.password,
            facebook_url: user.facebook_url,
            twitter_username: user.twitter_username
        var req = {
            method: 'PUT', 
            url: link+'user/profile?id='+$localStorage.accessToken,
            data: requestContent,
            headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'}
        $http(req).success(function(data) { 
           // $scope.profileData = data.user['name'];
            $scope.profileData = data.user;
        }).error(function(data) { 
    } else {

Do you get any repsonse?

In other cases you have maybe a CORS problem -> start your chrome with --disable-web-security to allow cross domain requests.

GET requests always work (like JSONP)