Unable to update live reload: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED


I’m new to ionic, looking to use it to create an iOS and Android app, however when I’m running ionic serve, while it does open chrome and the app works fine, i’m getting the following error in terminal when I edit any file:

Unable to update live reload: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

I have LiveReload installed and working on other projects (all of which are not running at the moment, so there’s no conflict).

I am using an out of the box base installation of the tab example with no edits made to date.

Has anybody experienced this / know how to resolve?

That happened to me when I close the the livereload with out quiting it first. Easiest way to resolve is to maybe give your computer a restart.

if that doesn’t work let know

I tried a restart, but no love… seems closer, since I’m getting this error, but it’s still not working:

Unable to update live reload: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

Just tried another restart… first thing I did after rebooting was run

ionic serve

now getting this error

Unable to update live reload: Error: connect ENETUNREACH

what operating system are u running ?

Normally this error comes up for 2 reasons:

  1. the port you tryna run is already in use ( less likely as your have restarted your computer this should have free up the used ports)
  2. You don’t have the admin privileges to run this comment ( more likely this one)

Running latest OSX Yosemite 10.10.2

Try sudo ionic serve

Just tried, still getting this:

Unable to update live reload: Error: connect ENETUNREACH

See below:

I think the problem is that you are running two different ports running dev server on 8100 and live reload server on 35729

This this

Usage: ionic serve [http-port] [livereload-port] [options]

They are both the default ports, should I instead run both on the same port?

This most likely is due to having a server running on the same port.

ps aux | grep node

This will print something along the lines of:

user    7668  4.3  1.0  42060 10708 pts/1    Sl+  20:36   0:00 node server
user    7749  0.0  0.0   4384   832 pts/8    S+   20:37   0:00 grep --color=auto node

Then run

kill -9 $port

Thanks @mhartington
When I run

ps aux | grep node

I get

duellsy          3091   0.0  0.0  2432772    672 s000  S+    9:32am   0:00.00 grep node

There’s nothing else


I was able to get this running by making a mod to the serve.js file for ionic-cli:

It was assuming that you were running on localhost… which I’m not.