Unable to send socket object throgh service

Hi, I have socket object in one component, I want to use socket object in other component , so am using services, am setting value into the service and trying to get through another component by using service object it is giving undefined . SO please help me.
below is my sample code.

makeSocketConnection() {
    var url = "http://" + this.ip + ":" + this.port + "/";

      console.log("establishing socket connection undefined");
      this.socket = io(url);
      this.socket.emit('add user', this.user);    
      this.storage.set('socket',this.socket) ;//sets socket object
   //   this.newMessage();
  this.chatService.setSocket(this.socket);//sets socket object

am setting a socket object by this.chatService.setSocket(this.socket)

and am trying to getin other component like below

`this.storage.get('socket').then((val) => {
 console.log(" socket obj is "+val);//giving undefined

 console.log(" this.dummytest is "+this.chatService.getSocket());--//giving undefined