Unable to git push my app

Hello, please can anybody helo me, i dont know why i can push my app to github. it always given me this error

please kindly help me out

Hi @beardedprince

try below command and put here output :

git status


But i still get this

Read the output:

@sujan12 i dont understand you

You can not pus because of a SSH problem with the git rpeo.
A few steps before you chose not to connect to Ionic Pro - which you now can do using ionic ssh setup (as it says in the output).

And check if ssh is installed. I mentioned a tutorial here: Cant login to my account during ionic first project

Thanks, i will try that and feed you back

see what i have after doing ionic ssh setup

It says right there that you don’t have OpenSSH installed. Do that and you should not get that error when running the command.

Deinstall git and reinstall it again. This time while the setup process check the checkbox for also installing openSSH like described in the tutorial i posted before. Or install openSSH by hand.

Hi look at the what i av while installing

i dont have the option to select openSSH.

and please how can i install openSSH by hand