Unable to enlarge the width of a popover control

Before posting I’ve tried to enlarge the width of a popover using the hints I’ve found on StackOverflow… what happens is that it remains the same width.
I’ve tried almost everything, passing the cssClass inside the componentProps, setting in the variables.scss

  ion-popover {
    --width: 320px;

with no luck…anyone can please help me on this?


Normally this styles should belong into the global.scss - have you tried this?

Yes, I did… now I’m trying seting the size to “cover” but with no luck…

Inspect the element, did you see your styles applied?

Currently what I see is this


IUsing size:“cover” I don’t apply any style… should I ? I’ve set a width in the component that’s inside, so I think it should size it it’s content…