Unable to add some environment variables

I am getting the error when trying to save the environment configuration changes after I add some variables (see the picture above). For example, I was able to add ENV variable but not AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID variable.
It is not clear to me from the error message why some variables are not accepted and how to solve it.

The error message is:

Environment config may not contain protected keys, please remove the following keys from your environment config:

Does anybody else had this problem?

Any solution?

Hi Tenne,

It looks like you are using one of the protected keys which are blacklisted for usage. These might be available for usage in the future but there is no definitive timeline as of now.

As a workaround, you can use the keywords by adding additional characters added to the environment key (ex: _ AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID). and corresponding changes in your project code.

If you are facing any further issues, I would encourage you to contact the Appflow support for further assistance.