Ui-sref show double templates

I have two templates in which the first calls the second, and a controller to manage both.
When i call ui-sref function from the first template, i see the previous template with overlapped the second, or no components of the second.
Here’s the code:

 <div class="list card" style="margin-top:50px" ng-repeat="singular in multiples">
<a ui-sref="son" ng-click="show(singular.id)">

<div class="list card" style="margin-top:50px">
        <div ng-if="singular.road!=''">

  $scope.show = function(id){

 $scope.sonInfo = function(id){
          Restangular.all('childrens').customGET(id).then(function (data) {
                $scope.son = data.res.obj;

What should i do? It exists a refresher of pages that show correctly the second template? other ideas? If you mean, put the code into a codepen, i’m unfamiliar with that.