UI Lags when Iframe is loading its respected URL defined in ng-src


There is a lag in UI when data is loading in Iframe. I was wondering if there is a workaround to show a loading icon or something like that to prevent the entire app to freeze while the content in Iframe is loading.

Thanks in advance,

Could you provide a codepen demo to show this?

I don’t think this can be produced in a codepen, seems more like lack of resources like device performance and internet speed, but need to manage it. I found a code pen. It’s not mine, hope this produce the issue:

[1]: http://codepen.io/perrygovier/pen/eGplD

The problem :
There’s an Iframe in home of this pen, kindly you have to go to “Scientific Facts” first. When you want to go back to “Home” is where the app freezes, because the Iframe content is loading, even transitions doesn’t work till the data loads.

Thanks again :smile:

Hmm, I would strongly consider rethinking the UX then. Something like this could be avoided by using the inappbrowser plugin instead of loading content in an iframe.