UI-Bootstrap Typeahead .length error

I suppose this is more of a UI-Bootstrap question, but I am using it in the context of an Angular app.
Error message:

" Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined"

I have followed the tutorial on their site to no avail. Here is my code.

$scope.newSearch = function(query) {
  return $http.get(apiURL + "/search.json?" + apiKey + "&api_username=" + $rootScope.user.user.username + "&term=" + query, {
      $rootScope.$broadcast('search', response);

Im not actually using it to populate values in a tooltip, im simply broadcasting the event and passing the data along with it to update a view.

My search overlay is inside a directive, so maybe that is contributing to the the error. It is working as expected although I notice that when I console.log() the reponse, it is always one character behind what I have actually typed. Thanks a bunch.

EDIT: I’m simply firing my search function on ng-keydown, so this is SOLVED. Thanks.