Ui.bootstrap.rating not working with collection-repeat

I am using angular-ui/bootstrap the component Rating (ui.bootstrap.rating). my issue that max proporty isnt working correctly when I am using collection-repeat, its shows me always only one icon max.but If I an using ng-repat all works great. this my code:

<li class="item"  collection-repeat=" contact in contacts |filter: data.searchText">
      <!--<li class="item" ng-repeat=" contact in contacts |filter: data.searchText">-->
        <div class="row  larger font">

            <div  class ="col" ng-init="contact.active"><uib-rating ng-model="contact.active" max={{contact.total}} state-on="'ion-person-stalker positive '" state-off="'ion-person-stalker'" ng-click="changeActive(contact);data.searchText =''"></uib-rating> </div>

the basic link for code of it plnkr this is without collection repeat