TYPINGS ERROR: Cannot find type definition file for 'node' - virtual-file-utils.d.ts, line: 1

IONIC SERVE and IONIC BUILD IOS started throwing this error for me. I have been stuck with this for a day. Anybody else faced this issue?

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Solved my own problem. Hopefully it helps some else later.

Just did this, and wallah! All Good!

npm install @types/node --save


thank you very much. I have headache for 1 week for this problem.
it solve now.

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I believe --save-dev should always be sufficient for @types/ things. You shouldn’t ever need --save (although webpack probably will elide it for you).

voila! :slight_smile: This did not solve my error, it only seems to be happening on windows.

Thanks man! It really works.

3 days struggling with this! Thank you! I have about 3 hours left to release the beta, haha…