TypeError: Object(...) is not a function. Not using angularfire

Hello everyone,

I know this problem as arised many times, it’s normally related to angularfire and the usual solution is to upgrade rxjs from v5 to v6.

Im not using angularfire or any kind of firebase service.

The problem first appeared at random when I was making changes on 2 files .html and .scss hence im kind of over my head because I have no clue about the cause.

If I do ionic serve, everything goes well. If I alter and save any file, when the project updates, the error shows up.

The console log errors point to a file, near the @component decorator and at the end of the file.
If I erase the contents of the file the error comes from another and so forth.

I’ll paste the console errors and the first file where the error occurs.


modal-edit-user.ts:4 Uncaught TypeError: Object(...) is not a function
    at modal-edit-user.ts:4
    at Object.203 (modal-edit-user.ts:16)
    at e (vendor.js:1)
    at Object.202 (main.js:337)
    at e (vendor.js:1)
    at Object.<anonymous> (vendor.js:1)
    at e (vendor.js:1)
    at Object.<anonymous> (vendor.js:1)
    at e (vendor.js:1)
    at Object.<anonymous> (vendor.js:1)
import { Component } from '@angular/core'

    selector: 'modal-edit-user',
    templateUrl: 'modal-edit-user.html'
export class ModalEditUser{


It solved itself.

Am working today and it dosen’t throw any error. It’s magics you know!