TypeError: console.time is not a function | Ionic Angular Capacitor Android App

Can anyone please help with the below issue?

`login_api_test(userData) {
    const url = AppConstant.API_URL + 'Authenticate';
    const hearers = {
      'Content-Type': 'application/json',
      AppVersion: AppConstant.APP_SERVER_VERSION,
      AppDeviceId: AppConstant.DEVICE_ID,
      .post(url, userData, {
        headers: hearers,
        next: (d) => {
          console.info('login data', d);
        error: (e) => {
          console.error('login data error', e);


`TypeError: console.time is not a function
    at XMLHttpRequest.window.XMLHttpRequest.send [as __zone_symbol__send] (
    at ZoneTask.scheduleTask [as scheduleFn] (
    at _ZoneDelegate.scheduleTask (
    at AsyncStackTaggingZoneSpec.onScheduleTask (
    at _ZoneDelegate.scheduleTask (
    at Object.onScheduleTask (
    at _ZoneDelegate.scheduleTask (
    at Zone.scheduleTask (
    at Zone.scheduleMacroTask (
    at scheduleMacroTaskWithCurrentZone ( {stack: 'TypeError: console.time is not a function
   …', message: 'console.time is not a function'}`

is the error present on Android? iOS? both?

this app is for android only. stack in this issue for last 12 hours… :frowning: i really appreciate if you give some direction to me.

Similar code is working with old Ionic-2 with Cordova & its failed when i migrated my app in new ionic-6 with capacitor.

console.time is some code that was recently added to Capacitor code for the http plugin, but supposedly is supported by the Android WebView 37 and newer, since we require WebView 60 or newer I don’t know how it can be complaining about it not being a function.

Are you testing in a real device or emulator?
What’s the Android version?
What’s the WebView version?