Two side menus based on a variable

Hi, I want to create an app where I have two side menu, and one is visible when the other not.
I need this to have two serie of links based on the user’s status: if he/she is “anonymous” I need to display a link to login and a link to register. But if he/she is logged I want to display others link (upload a photo, mypage, search, mypage) etc etc.

How can I do this ? Do I need to operate via ng-if ?



Probably the easiest way is the ng-if route. You really have one side menu, but the contents inside of the menu can have attributes like ng-if="user" and ng-if="!user" to show or hide depending on the user state.

Sorry for the late and thanks for the reply. I have use ng-if and now my app have 2 menu (logged and anonymous).