Two radio in form


I cant have two radios in the same form?
When i select an iten in the second radio the first radio is unselectd.

            <ion-content padding="false" class="has-header">
                <form class="list">
                    <ion-item class="item-divider"> Tipo de Pagamento</ion-item>
                    <ion-radio id="tipoPag" ng-repeat="tipo in tiposPagamento" ng-model="pedidoCorrente.tipoPagamento" ng-value="{{}}">{{tipo.nome}}</ion-radio>
                    <ion-item class="item-divider"> Condição de Pagamento</ion-item>
                    <ion-radio id="condPag" ng-repeat="condicao in condicoesPagamento" ng-model="pedidoCorrente.condicaoPagamento" ng-value="{{}}">{{condicao.nome}}</ion-radio>


Searching for other topics in the forum i foud this:


My Ionic 1 is rusty. Try grouping each radio button set in its own form container. Angular might be collectively grouping them together behind the scenes.