Two Modals in same page parameters returning undefined

I have two modals in one page which works fine , in the first Modal I send back data to the page using this code
openItem(productoSelected: Producto) {

this.navCtrl.push(HomePage, {
  productoSelected: productoSelected


constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public navParams: NavParams, public formBuilder: FormBuilder, public modalCtrl: ModalController
) {
DATA= navParams.get(‘productoSelected’)
DATA2= navParams.get(‘productoSelected2’) <=========returns undefined :frowning:

from HomePage in constructor I get the parameter data using navParams.get(‘productoSelected’)
and works fine too, the problem is with my second Modal , I use the same code to open the modal and to send back the data but when returning to Home page in constructor It gets the data from the Second Modal but the First one turns to null or undefined .