Trouble with updating view via angular/$http/ionic on iOS simulator

Problem: Data brought in by async $http request and rendered by ng-repeat doesn’t show up on iOS simulator if wrapped in ionic css.

I have an $http request getting data:

	$scope.seasons = res;

If I use ng-repeat on a regular anchor tag like this, iOS simulator will render as expected:

<a ng-href="#" ng-repeat="season in seasons">

If I use ng-repeat with an Ionic list component, iOS simulator doesn’t render list at all

  <a class="item" ng-href="#" ng-repeat="season in seasons">

I’m pretty confident the issue is hows mobile safari executes javascript in the angular context but I don’t know if this is ionic specific or not. Has anybody seen/head of this issue or know of a workaround?

EDIT: Found a workaround but I still find it to be an interesting compatibility limitation, posted below

Ok I found a workaround but I still think this is an interesting limitation to one or a couple of ionic/angular/phonegap/ios.

Changing the list directive


to the class style implementation seemed to work:

<div class="list></div>

An interesting problem though, anyone have any ideas?

That is indeed interesting. I’ve actually never used the <list> directive. Instead, I’ve always used <div class="list">; so, I’ve never seen this in action.

However, can you make sure you are on the newest release? <list> is pre-0.9.25. The new version uses an ion- prefix on all directives. It’d be helpful to know if the newest release has this problem.

See :

Actually, I just threw together 2 really rough examples using $http. I didn’t feel like fighting the x-domain issues, so I added the list data to the scope after the $http failure.

Using <ion-list> :

Using <a class="item"> :

Both work just fine.

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Yea I got the <list> directive off the docs and forgot about the ion- prefix announcement. <ion-list> does in fact work, thanks! Might be confusing for people that have missed that announcement.