Trouble with Canvas

Can I make Canvas to work with Ionic?
It`s not working or showing any graphics.
Am I missing something??

If you had a canvas somewhere within your <ion-content> like this:

        <canvas id="page-6-canvas">

…you can then get the element, canvas and context like this:

    canvasElement = angular.element(document.querySelector('#page-6-canvas'));
    canvas = canvasElement[0];
    context = canvas.getContext('2d');

You can bind to events like:

    //touch event handler. only use first touch in array. drawmark where touch occurred.
    canvasElement.bind("touchstart", function (event) {

        var coord = canvas.relativeCoords(event.targetTouches[0]);
        // coord[0], coord[1] contain x and y


    //mousedown event handler. drawMark where click occurred.
    canvasElement.bind("mousedown", function (event) {
        var coord = canvas.relativeCoords(event);

…you’ll need this helper function somewhere globally too:

HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.relativeCoords = function(event) {
    var x,y;
    //This is the current screen rectangle of canvas
    var rect = this.getBoundingClientRect();
    var top =;
    var bottom = rect.bottom;
    var left = rect.left;
    var right = rect.right;
    //Recalculate mouse offsets to relative offsets
    x = event.clientX - left;
    y = event.clientY - top;
    //Also recalculate offsets of canvas is stretched
    var width = right - left;
    //I use this to reduce number of calculations for images that have normal size
    if(this.width!=width) {
        var height = bottom - top;
        //changes coordinates by ratio
        x = x*(this.width/width);
        y = y*(this.height/height);
    //Return as an array
    return [x,y];