Transparent navbar In ionic-beta.14

Hi, I have a question for ionic navigation bar.

I want to transparent nav-bar, leaving back button.

I’ve found for @xAlien95’s answer, then applied, but still not works.

The following is my current screen, I’m using ionic-beta.14

Is there way for correct display?

Can you give your code? He has the bar-light class added to the ion-header-bar and is changing this class to be transparent. Make sure you are using that class, if that’s the one you are changing. I was able to see the transparent bar by changing it to an ion-nav-bar in his codepen:

It looks like you are using the bar-stable class on your nav-bar, in which case you should be overriding that class instead of bar-light.

After see your answer, I’ve compared the code and my code.

I found that I was write to .bar .stable {...}, not .bar.stable {...}

Removed the space literal, It was solved.


Thanks! :smile:

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