Translations with ionic-react

I would like to integrate a translations tool like i18 in my ionic-react app. But I can’t cope with it. Installing react-i18next leads to “deprecated” and other errors…

Can anybody please send me a link where I can learn how to implement a translation tool?
Or do you suggest any other translation tool?

Sorry, I found a description: React multi-language tutorial - Invidious

You can also use lingui instead of react-i18next.

Here’s an article on why lingui might be easier to implement and use than react-i18next.

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Thank you for your answer. The pluralization is interesting, some information about i18 in the article are wrong.

Consider using @lingui/react for Ionic React translation. Install it, configure in lingui.config.js, wrap the app with I18nProvider, and use Trans for translations.

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