Translation on iOS in AOT not working

Hey guys,

I have some issues which makes me crazy when I try to translate my app :scream:

I use @ngx-translate (v8.0.0) with @ngx-translate/http-loader (v2.0.1) and @biesbjerg/ngx-translate-po-http-loader (v2.0.1) with @angular/http (v4.4.6)

Everything is fine:

  • On Android in any case
  • On iOS if I use ionic view.

The only case it’s not working is on my production app on iOS.

The HttpClient can’t download ./assets/i18n/en.po. I tried with assets/i18n/en.po but same problem.
I thougth the problem has something to do with AOT compilation but it’s working in Ionic View with AOT, so I’m totally lost.

If you have any clue I would be very grateful :heart_eyes:


import { HttpClientModule, HttpClient } from '@angular/common/http'
import {TranslateModule, TranslateLoader} from '@ngx-translate/core'
import { TranslatePoHttpLoader } from '@biesbjerg/ngx-translate-po-http-loader'
export const createTranslateLoader: Function = (httpClient: HttpClient) => new TranslatePoHttpLoader(httpClient, './assets/i18n', '.po')
imports: [
            loader: {
                provide: TranslateLoader,
                useFactory: createTranslateLoader,
                deps: [HttpClient]