Too many build files

When I build my code using ionic build --prod there are 77 js files generated and on loading the webpage it is making around 24 requests to the server. This is causing the load time to increase drastically as there is some delay in fetching these files from the server. Please help if these js files can be bundled into one for reducing the number of server requests. Size of the page is not an issue.

I think this is called code splitted bundle which imho always does a better job than one big bundle

It enables lazy loding modules so the app becomes visible and interactive sooner

Besides you not liking what u see with respect to server request, is there something notably bad at initial load that hurts the user?

If u dont want your bundle code splitted then you need to restucture your modules - all should go in one module then

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Thanks for your reply.

Please refer screenshot to see that server response time is too large and maybe by reducing the number of requests this time can be improved.

Please suggest any other alternatives that come to mind.