Toggle button with text/labels as options

Hello fellas!
I have to make this kind of toggle button. Is there any option to do that like can we add text or label inside the options of toggle button?
If yes, please share any link or any kind of guidance.
If no, please suggest some alternative :frowning:

there is Ionic toggle, maybe it will be enough for you?

Thanks Bro but I have checked that.
There is no such option for label writing inside the button but you can specify the main heading or label for what you are using toggle.
If it is there, can you specify that part exactly?

so you have to make this on your own, with proper Css and Css animation

Have done that already. Just wondering if there is any way to do through ion-toggle attributes
anyways…Thanks man :slight_smile:

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Hey @umerf6455 could you post your solution? I really have no idea on how to do it…

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Hey man, I just saw you message. Do you still want the code? Let me know, I’ll post it

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