To edit cordova to load url instead of local index.html

Hey ,

Can you tell how to edit cordova to load url instead of local index.html? Is it using a cordova webiew or any other method?


That is not an Ionic question, but a Cordova one.

In config.xml you can define which page it should load on startup. Apple will probably not approve such an app though.

yeah, I found this soln ,thanks.

I was just asking for learning purposes, as I am new with Ionic.

I have currently these things now in my app:

There is a landing page(Home page) with a fairly good UI, On clicking a button on the page, The InAppBrowser starts and loads the URL. My app functionality or the main part is the website itself. I have added the native functionalities like toast and loading etc.
Will this be accepted by Apple? The website which my app loads, is the same website or company that I am making the app for.

Sorry for disturbing you, Thanks