Tinder Cards not working with Nightly

Hi guys,

just a heads up, your tinder cards just don’t work with nightly, here’s a codepen where the only thing I changed from your original example is the ionic version

With the error : Error: [$compile:multidir] Multiple directives [ngController, tdCard] asking for new/isolated scope on:

Can you look into it @max @adam ?

Best to you guys

Sorry to up this, but is there working nightly version anywhere? Thanks a lot

Seems to have to do with the update to angular 1.3 in the nightly builds.

Thanks @mhartington, but what about ng-controller then? I’d love to have a separate cardCtrl to use because my cards will be loaded on different states and I don’t want to duplicate code 3-4 times.

Again, thank you

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As a short term solution to get tinder cards working with the latest angular/ionic just comment out the ‘scope: true,’ from the ngControllerDirective in ionic.bundle.js.

Seems to have done the trick, but i’d rather not modify the ionic files.

Thanks, saw that too but it’s not really maintainable so I’ll pass. I hope the Ionic team will come up with a fix quickly :slight_smile: