Themeable browser: how to import icons native?



I want to use themeable browser but have to import the images to use as icons for my header. Does somebody know a tutorial on how to native import those icons? I already searched this forum and google but can’t seem to find it.
I already tried the experimental wwwImage instead but it seems like it doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance!


Are you trying to import images as icons? Or fonts to use as icons?


I’m trying to import the images as native images to use with themeable browser (it’s header).
Here you I find in the official ionic documentations:

Note that that image and imagePressed values refer to resources that are stored in your app

And inside their git they say:

// Keep in mind that you must add your own images to native resource.
// Images below are for sample only. They are not imported by this plugin.

So I try to find out how I can use images (png) and import them into the native resources so I can style the buttons in the header for a return, forward and closebutton.